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About The Lee Arnold Team:

The Lee Arnold Team, based in Spokane, has a mission to improve communities one home at a time. We care about homes and the people in them. We are here to help. We aim to restore neglected homes and give people an opportunity to become home owners. We help people first and get paid later.

At the Lee Arnold Team, we aren’t afraid of nuisance or zombie homes. In fact, we welcome them. We have a successful history of turning the worst house on the street into the beauty of the community. Our team has the ability and know-how to quickly turn that eye-sore into something to be proud of.

For over 20 years our team has been restoring abandoned and neglected homes all over Spokane. No job is too big or too small. We also work with home owners to fix and list their homes for top dollar. We consistently sell homes faster and get more money for our clients.

The Lee Arnold Team buys homes for CASH and closes quickly. We work with people needing help with pre-foreclosure, short-sales, probate and just needing to sell their home. We offer complete listing, staging, and construction repair services. We aim to provide no-nonsense service quickly so that you can get back to the things that are important to you. We are a full-service realty center, which means we do the work so you don’t have to.

About Lee Arnold:

Lee Arnold is the CEO of Secured Investment Corp, a Nationwide Provider of Private Equity Funds earmarked specifically for the financing of run-down, dilapidated properties across the country. In recent years, Lee Arnold and his associated companies have partnered with the City of Spokane to clean up some of the worst and most visually and criminally challenged properties in the region. Lee and his team have effectively converted the city’s most troubled properties and transformed them into the most appealing, desirable, and highest valued properties on the street.

Now, with the assistance of his 600,000 plus network of experienced real estate investors, Lee’s companies are positioned to partner with cities across America to eliminate blight in troubled and challenged communities. Lee’s company not only provides a local, boots-on-the-ground investors to tackle these blighted/abandoned properties, it can also bankroll hundreds of millions of dollars toward acquisition and rehabilitation. As a result of this one-two punch, cities across the nation can enjoy a significant decrease in concerned calls from neighbors, citizens, and voters regarding troublesome, blighted properties.

Lee brings a private-equity development perspective to the revitalization discussion. His boundless optimism pushes progress forward and creates the possibility for fiscal sustainability for municipalities across the country.

What We Do:








We buy Spokane area homes in all kinds of condition. We help with pre-foreclosure, people who need to relocate, out-of-area owners, inherited properties and people who need quick cash. We pay CASH and can close in as little as 3 days.


We are a one-stop shop. We have services to help you with all your needs: Cleaning, repairs, staging, photography and marketing. We will front all the costs and get paid when you do!


Ready to sell your home? On average we sell homes in 22 days. Let us take care of it all, so you can get back to what’s important to you.

The Lee Arnold Team’s mission is to improve communities one home at a time.

We aim to restore neglected homes and give people an opportunity to buy their first home.

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